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Jesus spoke.

I know how to do this and I feel so smug about it

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"Sometimes it takes just living your life a certain way to be able to open yourself to the rhythm of the cosmos"

                                                                       - John Frusciante


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I gotta play my first gig next month and it’s in a biker style bar this is fucking scary

dany + getting real tired of your shit

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John and Omar Oct 05 2013. This makes me incredibly happy.

Just two GOATs
Pissing in the wind

Sometimes I think the only reason my text posts get no notes is because I usually use capital letters and full stops. It might be because they suck though.

As hard as it seems sometimes you just have to leave people to fuck their lives up before you can actually help them

" Men are clumsy, violent fools, women are a delicate pool of flowers and cobras "

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